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NICC's academic progress policies establish specific standards that must be met by all students enrolled for credit at the College. In order to demonstrate Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) students must maintain a cumulative 2.00 GPA (grade point average) and 67% successful course completion rate. Students not meeting minimum standards will be subject to one or more of the following:

If a student has failed to maintain SAP, student must meet with both their faculty and student support advisor every two weeks. Students are allowed to register up to full-time status. If a student successfully completes this period, student returns to satisfactory progress. If a student status is unsatisfactory after the Warning, student will move to Suspension (See below).


If a student does not attain satisfactory progress upon completion of the Warning semester, the student is considered to be making UNSATISFACTORY PROGRESS, and will be placed on suspension, which entails that the student meet with both their faculty and student support advisor every week and can enroll in ONLY one course. A student on suspension is ineligible to receive Federal Financial Aid and must utilize his/her own resources to pay student costs.


Application for Academic Plan (for Financial Aid or Unsatisfactory Progress)
All students have the right to appeal financial aid decisions. Appeals must be made in writing to the Financial Aid Director. Students must indicate in writing the reasons why minimum academic requirements were not achieved and reasons why financial aid should not be terminated. Documentation supporting the reason for unsuccessful completion is helpful in this review process. The Financial Aid Director will forward and present the appeal to the Student Scholastic Committee for consideration. The student and the student's advisor will be notified of the appeal outcome. Students on financial aid appeal are required to meet with their advisor once every two weeks for the entire semester for which they are under appeal. If the Appeal is approved the student will be placed on Academic Probation for one term when their Academic Record will be reviewed again for continuance or Suspension.


If a student has made UNSATISFACTORY PROGRESS, and has been placed on Suspension, then they must apply for an Unsatisfactory Progress Appeal to receive time to attempt to regain Satisfactory Progress. Types of appeals that will be considered for probation are illness/health, death in family, or major life interruption. For an appeal to be verified for a term that a student is enrolled the Appeal must be received by the end of the third week. If the Appeal is approved by the Student Scholastic Committee, the student must meet with both their faculty and student support advisor every week and if available/applicable, attend tutoring sessions. Scholastic Committee will determine how many credits the student will be eligible to enroll for while on probation. The committee will consider CGPA, completion percentage, attendance, and other factors. It will be documented in the student’s academic plan. If the student successfully completes this period, but does not meet SAP, they will continue Probation until the CGPA and the completion ratio are met. If the student status is unsatisfactory after the Probation status, the student’s status is classified as Suspension. If you are denied eligibility for probation, please follow the grievance process.


Academic Plan
If a student is approved for Probation, an Academic plan with expected course completion and advising needs will be filed with the Financial Aid office and the student's’ permanent record. An Academic plan is completed by the student and their Faculty Advisor. Plans must be on file for students requiring more than one term to regain eligibility and for students that are over 150% Lifetime Eligibility. The Academic plan must be reviewed each term. Students that are unable to successfully follow their Academic plan will need to appeal for a changed plan, following the Student Appeals Process.


Regaining Eligibility
A student placed on Academic or Financial Aid Suspension for not meeting minimum standards of satisfactory academic progress (SAP), cumulative grade point average (CGPA) and completion ratio, will be required to appeal the suspension. The appeals will be reviewed by the Scholastic Committee. The Scholastic Committee will make decisions on the appeal and the Financial Aid Advisor will keep minutes from these meetings for documentation. The Financial Aid Advisor will mail a letter to the student regarding appeal status and keep a copy of this letter in the student records and financial aid files. All students approved for probation will be required to have an academic plan and maintain progress with that plan. The academic plan will be negotiated based on the student’s personal time needs and courses needed by rotation schedule. All plans must be approved by the Department Chair, Retention Advisor, and Financial Aid Advisor and filed in the student’s permanent student record and financial aid files.


Students appeals will be considered in these four variations:
• Suspension due to 150% rule – these will be approved if the student is within 20 credits of finishing a degree program. Students with more than 20 hours will be diligently reviewed by the committee. Students in this status will jeopardize the ability to finish a Bachelor’s degree with Title IV eligibility.
• Suspension due to a completion ratio that is not meeting 67% but who has a CGPA of 2.0 or higher will be considered for approval in a priority status.
• Suspension due to CGPA not meeting the institutional requirement based on attempted credit hours. Students with more than one term of insufficient points will be negotiated based on the student’s documentation of the cause of low grades. All students will be required to succeed one term on suspension that do not have adequate documentation of failed term causes.
• Suspension due to CGPA and not making the 67% completion ratio will be reviewed based on the student’s documentation of unsuccessful terms.

If the student is unable to make SAP within one term, they will be reviewed based on the successful tracking of their academic plan. A student who fails to make progress on their academic plan will be returned to suspension status. Additional appeals may be submitted to the committee, but the committee will always recognize the fact that the student had received prior opportunity to progress on an academic plan. Academic plans will be enforced until a student regains good standing or completes their degree program.